Catie likes blueberry pancakes
Catie likes blueberry pancakes
What to say about a person who toils away their time writing infinite details about imaginary characters. I write, it's what I do. My free time evaporates when I'm reading, procrastinating, gaming, listening to Sara Bareilles, Tegan and Sara, Missy Higgins, or old school Coldplay. Other things I like: Feminism, LGBTQ blogs, which is what my second blog primarily displays,, Natalie Tran, John and Hank Green, Rilke, Virginia Woolf (also The Hours), Veronica Mars, House, DBZ, Teen Titans, Pokemon, Yugi Oh, Spyro, Tina Fey, Avatar The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, Weird Al Yankovic, et cetera.

Kate Winslet, speaking about her daughter.  (via thatkindofwoman)

(via lipring)

As a child I never heard one woman say to me, “I love my body.” Not my mother, my elder sister, my best friend. No one woman has ever said, “I am so proud of my body.” So I make sure to say it to Mia, because a positive physical outlook has to start at an early age.
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